Stained Glass Classes: From Beginner to Advanced

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I get asked a lot if I offer stained glass classes or stained glass workshops and I am happy to announce that I can now say that I am ready and open for bookings! I have offered them in the past through different locations in Calgary, but I am now offering them out of my home-based studio in Airdrie.

Taking a class in my studio allows access to all of my stained glass tool and stained glass supplies. I have a large library of glass to choose from (the photos below is less than a quarter of it) and many free pattern books to select a project that suits your interests. 

Sheets of stained glass in a red and wooden storage unit

Stained Glass Ornament Class

In this class you need a minimum of 2 to book, maximum 4. It takes about 2 to 3 hours for the class. In this introduction to stained glass class, you will:

  • work with patterns and glass selections,

  • cut (straight lines only), 

  • grind glass,

  • foil glass (copper foil technique),

  • solder,

  • clean, wax and hang your piece.

Project examples include: mini mountain ornament, small honeycomb ornament, other geometric shaped ornaments of your choice  

stained glass mountain in blue and white on a white backgroud

Stained Glass Suncatcher Class

There is no minimum to book this class, the maximum (due to studio space) is 4. It takes about 6 to 8 hours to complete this class. In this class you will:
  • work with patterns and glass selections,

  • cut glass (straight lines, curves, etc),

  • grind and fit glass,

  • foil glass (copper foil technique),

  • solder,

  • patina (optional),

  • clean, wax and hang your piece.

You can choose your own pattern for this class - can be a suncatcher or a small panel. I have a large selection of stained glass pattern books to select from or you can design/bring your own pattern. 

two artists designing a stained glass window on a work bench

Advanced Stained Glass Classes

Once you have completed the suncatcher class or an introduction to stained glass class (does not have to be through my studio), I do offer advanced classes

What Next?

Feel free to contact me directly for more details or to book your spot! If you are not local to the Calgary area, there are many different studios and artists who offer stained glass classes. Take some time to research your area and feel free to message me as well as I might have some recommendations.


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