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Stained Glass Repairs: An Overview

I often get approached, at markets or via email, and asked if I can do stained glass repair work – and the answer is yes! I am happy to have worked on quite a few stained glass windows and stained glass suncatchers that I have been able to restore and repair as if they are brand new again! In this blog we will review: how to hang your stained glass window for longevity; how a stained glass repair assessment works; how to repair stained glass - an overview; stained glass repair costs. How to Hang Your Stained Glass Window One of the first questions I will ask, or one of the first things I am told, when talking about potential...

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Stained Glass Classes: From Beginner to Advanced

Stained glass workshops are currently on hold. Please sign up for our newsletter for any upcoming changes.   I get asked a lot if I offer stained glass classes or stained glass workshops and I am happy to announce that I can now say that I am ready and open for bookings! I have offered them in the past through different locations in Calgary, but I am now offering them out of my home-based studio in Airdrie. Taking a class in my studio allows access to all of my stained glass tool and stained glass supplies. I have a large library of glass to choose from (the photos below is less than a quarter of it) and many free pattern...

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Weddings + Stained Glass: Unique Wedding Ideas

I was married in the summer of 2018. We planned a destination wedding (Mittersill, Austria) and I couldn’t have been more excited to start the planning process. This destination was a bit random as neither of us are Austrian, but it was most of the most beautiful places I had ever seen – even more beautiful in person!   One thing that was really important to me was to make my special day even more memorable – to incorporate some unique weddings ideas that my guests would remember for years to come. Things that were important to me were to utilize small, local and handmade shops.  Here are some of the ways I was able to achieve this: My husbands...

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